The Baughan Group, through tightly-knit business units, manufacture and distribute parts and equipment to the global mining, railway, armaments, and material handling markets.

We are succeeding at our passion to be the best in our business, because we care about our customers, suppliers and each other.

We thoroughly understand our markets and know how to serve our clients through parts and equipment manufacturing, distribution and service.

We continuously improve our market position through innovative design, manufacturing, procurement and superior service. By concentrating on and innovating in the specialized niches that we know best, we continue to grow strongly.


Baughan (Pty) Ltd
CAI Industries
Churston Engineering
Gauley Robertson
Gauley Robertson AUS
Gauley Robertson SA
Leggs' Welding, Inc.
RiJa, Inc.
Swasap Axles
Swasap Ordnance

CAI Industries

Mining Equipment

Manufacturer of OEM Room & pillar and Longwall mining  equipment as well as rebuilding and modernization of customer owned machines to OEM standards.


OEM Replacement Parts and Components

Leading manufacturer and worldwide distributor of replacement parts for mining equipment such as feeder-breakers, shuttle cars and continuous miners 

Legg's Welding, Inc.

Complete Shuttle Car Frames

Mining Equipment is Legg's Welding specialty with quality and precisiion in every product we manufacture.  We also offer a wide range of services including steel fabrication, general machine work, and welding.


RiJa, Inc.

CNC Machining

 RiJa is equipped with CNC machines that enable us to produce top quality and precision parts. Quality is a commitment that RIJA makes to our customers with our materials and knowledge.



Railway Axles and Wheel Assemblies

ISO 9001 and AAR approved railway and specialty axle manufacturer. Leading supplier of top quality railway axles with wheelset assembly capabilities.


Engineered Chain

ISO 9001 manufacturer of conveyor and elevator engineered chain for the mining, sugar and other industries and used throughout the world.


SWASAP Ordnance


Manufacture of high quality hollow bodies and other components for armaments use

ABM Series Chain

Churston Engineering

Engineered Products

Designing and manufacturing chain and other products to meet the needs of several OEM's and the Global mining industry.