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Churston Engineering was established in 1947 and was acquired by Baughan Pty, a South African company, in 2014.

We believe in building long-term relationships with our customers by continuously manufacturing the highest-quality products.

Our manufacturing and engineering team consists of highly skilled employees who continually meet the high quality standards our company is committed to.

Our facilities are equipped with state-of-the-art technology and operated by skilled professionals. 

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                        Our mission is to surpass our customers expectations!

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 Our Products




Ox Chain

The Churston “OX Chain” is a derivative of European Standard mining chain that has been adapted to suit the Coal Mining Industry providing a cost effective solution for discharge conveyors used on all types of shuttle cars.

The Churston Ox Chains are made so that all mating parts are engineered to form a reliable long lasting assembly. Metallurgical selection is a key consideration to ensure optimal life is achieved without compromising strength and wear life.  The expectation is that the chain will last for about 400,000 tons or rebuild to rebuild, subject to maintenance practices and mining conditions.

Ox Chain 


Churston manufactures most take-up and drive shafts for shuttle cars.  In most cases our engineers have improved these to provide maximum life through careful selection of material and strengthening where required.

The shafts are available in various width selection to suit most applications. These include shafts for, Joy nominal 3 1/4 in pitch, Cincinnati 2 7/8 in pitch and the 18 x 64 Ox Type conveyor chain.  




Flight Chain

The Churston Flight chain is 100% locally South African. It is available as a nominal 5 1/4 ” or 6” pitch dual flighted chain making it directly interchangeable with other non OEM flight chains for, continuous miner, shuttle cars, gathering arm loaders etc.

With the exception of the connecting pin, all parts are hot upset forged. Pin and connectors have been metallurgically selected to provide maximum life as well. The Chains are available in a various widths to suit most applications.

The chains have been specifically designed to carry the load on the “center string” rather than on the flight bar ends in order to increase overall life. Length can be assembled to suit the application.

Standard flight section widths
570 mm (22.44 in.)
673 mm (26.49 in.) (Joy D Car)
750 mm (29.52 in.)
810 mm (31.88 in.)



Churston makes a variety of sprockets for mining chains from carefully selected material and heat treated to provide maximum life.

All sprockets are field proven.

Sprocket 1




Bearing Carrier

The Churston Bearing Carrier has been specifically designed to give maximum trouble free life. It was developed in conjunction with major mining house engineers in South Africa.

It can be supplied as a direct fixture onto the body or mounted onto a removable plate.  It is also available with a “sealed for life” bearing.


Bearing Carrier 2


 Track Chains


ABM Series

The ABM series chains are available to fit the entire range of Sandvik (Voest Alpine) MB300/400/600/700 (ABM12/14/20/25/30) range of Continuous miners.

The length and grouser configuration can be adopted to suit the application and the machine type.

Field tests have proven that the Churston’s forged ABM series crawler chain outlasts any cast chain available on the market today.


ABM Series Chain


12 HM Series

Churston’s 12HM range of chains are suitable to be used on the Joy HM9, HM21, HM31 as well as the “Matla Miner”.

The chain is manufactured using a forged process and grouser configuration can be adapted to customer site application.


12HM Series Chain

14 BU Series

The Churston 14BU Loader crawler chain is manufactured from a high quality casting and has the added feature that the hinge pin is not pressed in making maintenance on the chain safer and easier.

14BU Series Chain


Other Products


Brake Calliper

Churston researched the application of the open type calliper and developed this in order to suit the tough applications in the South African Coal mines. The brake has been independently tested and found to have spurious stopping power.

The calliper is repairable and has repair kits that can be purchased for field repair.

Brake Caliper 2


Spooling Shaft

Churston’s spooling shafts have been designed and manufactured to provide maximum life by matching each part and the clearances to the interfacing assembly to ensure trouble free cable spooling.

Dual Support guide spooling shaft

General Engineering

Churston manufactures a variety of parts for the crushing, mining and construction industries.  Contact us for your specific needs in general engineering.

8 tooth feeder sprocket and chain



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